Group Classes (Any level)

These might e listed as HIIT Training, Strength Training, CORE, or Butts & Guts, Power Sculpt, Power Sculpt Tabata

These class offers a fun and energetic environment for both mom and children. The workouts are always changing! Our HIIT workouts are always changing and may include: weights, resistance training, agility training, fine toning, circuit training, and partner/team workouts!! These workouts are between 30-40 minutes. Strength Training focuses mainly on build muscle strength through body weight exercises and weights. CORE class focuses mainly on supporting and building the core though targeted exercises for core and back.

We have a playroom and baby area, so children are welcome to join mom in class.

Although family-friendly anyone is welcome to join us in this class! Children welcome, but not required! 


TRX training with mixed equipment: TRX is a total-body workout that allows you to effectively torch your whole body while building strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously using your body weight. TRX class also includes other equipment! You will use weights, slam balls, jump ropes, and perform mat work. TRX is excellent for all fitness levels/ages.




U-Jam Fitness is an urban dance workout that makes you sweat while having a dance party. With easy-to-follow dance moves and high-energy music (everything from hip-hop to Bollywood), you'll be samba and swinging your way to a sweat in this 55-minute class

Yoga HIIT  

Yoga HIIT is not your typical yoga class. A combination of equal parts stretching and sculpting, you will leave with a total body workout! Elements incorporated in Yoga Strength are flexibility, balance, muscle toning and linking breath with movement. Using a variety of equipment, we will revisit common exercises but also be challenged in a new and fun way! No experience necessary, modifications will be offered throughout the class.

Power Vinyasa Yoga:

Heat up your body with this powerful and energetic form of yoga while connecting your breath and movement as we move through poses in order to quiet the mind & build strength, flexibility, balance, and mental stamina. (This is done in a heated room.)

Sunrise Yoga: Sunrise Yoga - Begin your day with gentle yoga. In this calm and relaxing atmosphere, we will nurture and restore the body, mind, & spirit with meditation, gentle stretches, poses, and postures.